Her Therapy is a private counseling practice for the “strong” woman who appears to have it all together but is struggling internally with anxiety and trauma. It’s also for the woman who feels invisible, unheard, and who’s living on autopilot. Counseling at Her Therapy provides women with a safe space where she can work through past struggles, current challenges, and gain the tools she need to free her mind, reclaim her life, and feel good about herself from the inside out. Her Therapy offers online video counseling which is effective, confidential and convenient.

Video Counseling

Quayna video conference with clientThe world we live in is becoming smaller thanks to technology bridging the gap, connecting us, and giving us easier access to resources that may not be easily accessible. Counseling is evolving and Her Therapy PLLC is embracing the convenience of online/video therapy aka teletherapy.

Her Therapy uses a secure, HIPAA-compliant video counseling platform that requires you to have a cell phone, tablet, or computer with a camera and high-speed internet. It’s pretty simple! Teletherapy has been proven to be just as effective, and in some cases, more effective, as face-to-face counseling. Some benefits of online counseling are:

  • More accessible for those who:
    • live in a remote area with few or no therapists
    • have physical or emotional challenges that make it hard to travel outside of their home or have hectic schedules
    • are having transportation issues
  • Cut down on travel time and expenses to therapist office
  • You don’t have to miss work or use sick days for your appointments
  • Generally less expensive than traditional therapy
  • No need to worry about childcare
  • Flexibility in scheduling. Her Therapy offers evening and some weekend hours
  • Less missed appointments due to bad weather and traffic conditions

Who is Quanya Linen, LPC

QuaynyaI’m Quanya Linen, owner of Her Therapy PLLC and a licensed professional counselor and certified life coach who provides therapy for professional women who may seem to have it all together but are struggling on the inside. I’m a licensed counselor with the state of Texas but am certified to provide life and career coaching anywhere. I’ve been providing mental health services for over nine years and coaching for six years.

Women tend to wear many masks, and I’m no stranger to appearing one way to the world and feeling a different way inside. I know what it’s like to feel as if who you truly are doesn’t fit and having to change who you are in order to feel accepted. It’s hard not being authentic, and you can lose yourself.

I’ve had my share of challenges, including being unclear about my career path, feelings of self-doubt, especially when I felt like I “should have” been further ahead in life than I was, and dealing with perfectionism to the point of self-sabotage and the need to live up to perceived expectations. However, after attending therapy myself and doing my own internal work, I now have a clearer understanding of who I am which has resulted in an increase in confidence, building emotional muscle and gaining mental strength. I love me some me – flaws and all! Now, don’t get it twisted; I still don’t have it all together, but who does? What I do know for sure is that I am confident in who I am, what I do, and my ability to help women overcome their struggles so they can show up who they are while living their best lives on their own terms. I’ve done my work; I’m doing my work, and I want to help you do yours.

How I Self-Car:

  • Listening to slow jams
  • Taking walks around the neighborhood, or sitting outside
  • Reading downloaded books that I keep on my phone
  • I’m an introvert so spending time alone is a vibe for me
  • Traveling to new places and experiencing new things
  • Connecting with my village whether by phone or over lunch or dinner