Life Coaching

QuaynyaCoaching with Her Therapy is for the professional woman like you who’s doing her thing to the outside world but on the inside is secretly unfulfilled. Life isn’t bad, but you’re longing for more satisfaction personally or professionally. You’re either not quite where you want to be, have no clue what you want or know exactly what you want but are stuck or unsure how to get what you want.

Life Coaching with Her Therapy is for the woman who:

  • Is in a transition within career, family, or relationships and needs help navigating
  • Has many passions  and ideas but doesn’t know how to integrate them into her life
  • Wants more out of life but doesn’t know how to get started
  • Fears stepping out of her comfort zone and going for what she truly wants
  • Desires to gain life and coping skills with stresses
  • Ready for change
  • Is sick and tired of being sick and tired
  • Is determined to reinvent herself or reclaim her life

You’ll receive results-oriented, short-termed, and streamlined coaching where I’ll not only help you explore possibilities, but together, use a variety of tools, techniques, and planning while designing your new career and life that’s unique to your interests, talents, and values. You’ll also receive my support and accountability as you attain your goals and achieve breakthrough results. Schedule your free consultation to learn more about coaching or to get started.